French Golf Course Owners Association – le Groupement des Entrepreneurs de Golf Français (GEGF)

Established in December 1989, the Groupement des Entrepreneurs Course French (GEGF) is the professional association of owners / managers golfing facilities in France.

The GEGF comprises:

  • Active members, owners or managers of golfing facilities,
  • Partner members, service providers in the field of golf,
  • Honorary members recognized for their competence or contribution to the world of golf.

The GEGF is the representative body of  business courses  in all dealings with the Administration and the College of employees.

It aims to:

  • Representing the profession in all meetings and committees for the National Collective Convention of Golf (NMCC)
  • Organize constructive relations with all professional golf associations (FFGolf, GFGA, AGREF, PGA, etc …)
  • Represent its members in organizations golf,
  • Engage and support any proceeding or action of defending the public interest.

Number of Members

Focus Areas

Economy - Taxation

Golf in France

In 2007, according to a study by BIPE, the Golf industry represented in France:

  • An annual turnover of 1.5 billion Euros HT,
  • 1,200 companies, including 600 operators of golf,
  • A total turnover means 1 million Euros HT per site
  • 13,000 employees including 7,650 directly related to golf,
  • Tax and social annual contribution of € 171 million.

Download  : The economic importance of Golf in France .

Golf Course Taxation

Land tax – reform of rental values

Amended Finance Law of 29 December 2010

Article 34 of the Amended Finance Law for 2010 (Law 2010-1658 of 29 December 2010, s.34) organizes the revision of cadastral rental values ​​used in the calculation of the base:

  • The Property Tax
  • The Company Property Contribution (CFE), a component of the Territorial Economic Contribution (CET) which replaces the business tax.

The current database date from 1970. Several renovation projects have failed in the past.

The GEGF brought an action seeking the definition of objective evaluation criteria golf courses.

Download  :  Review of 2011 rental values ​​.


Commercial courses located in France are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) at the rate of 19.6%.

The VAT rate which governs golf is one of the most debated topics in Europe, in 
view of the very large differences in treatment between trade associations and golf courses within a country, and that one country to another.

And the VAT rate charged for commercial golf is 25% in Denmark, 19.6% in France, 6% 
in the Netherlands, while golf associations are generally exempt.

This distortion is detrimental to business courses as they are traditionally the main vector of development of sport and the creation of new players.

The Environment


Approach GEGF

The GEGF, through its member golf courses, has been engaged for more than 10 years in an environmental approach to improve every day the natural quality of the environment of golf, improving its biodiversity, reducing water consumption of watering and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Enormous progress has been made in recent years in these areas, as evidenced by various studies on golf courses.

The GEGF is listening to all virtuous actions that promote a positive image of golf, and sets up an information cell to all business courses to help them overcome the difficulties they may encounter in enforcement of regulations more numerous and stringent.

Finally GEGF currently working on establishing a list of experts capable of meeting the technical requirements related to the environment. Members are asked to report golf experts recognized for their expertise in each region.

Golf and Environment page of the site will present the “news” of the month regularly.

National Collective Bargaining

The GEGF is the sole representative body of employers’ commercial golf “in the management of matters relating to the National Collective Convention of Golf (NMCC).

National Collective Bargaining Agreement of Golf

National Collective Convention of Golf (NMCC) was signed on 13 July 1998 by the representative trade union organizations of employers and employees in the course:

  • For employers: the GEGF, formerly known SGGC representing commercial golf courses, and GFGA previously GPGA, acting on behalf of the golf association.
  • For employees: CFDT, CGT, CGT-FO, CFTC and CFE-CGC.

The NMCC applies to enterprises whose main activity is the management / operation of golf courses and services related thereto.

The NMCC governs relations between employers and employees. It is regularly updated by successive amendments (amendments 55 to 31 December 2011).

Learn more about the national collective agreement of 13 July 1998 golf.


Training Program

Professional branch of the Golf, which owns the GEGF, has established a training for careers in golf including:

  • one hand, the degree courses,
  • on the other hand, continuing education courses for the training of employees personal golf courses.

Diploma courses

Most of these courses are organized by mode of alternation and trainees are either employees of a club in the employer under a contract of alternating training (training can be supported by the OPCA Golf employer) or trainees in a host golf.

Personnel already employed Golf can access these courses through continuing education. The training modules are listed in the catalog of courses presented below.

The continuing education courses

  • each year the professional branch publishes a catalog of short courses in partnership with FFGolf and UNIFORMATION – OPCA designated in the National Collective Agreement for Golf collecting employer involvement in financing vocational training continue.
  • the main topics related to the management of golf are covered: legal, marketing, management, accounting, management, computing, sports, grounds maintenance.
  • for golf contributor UNIFORMATION, these courses are free within the limits of availability and associated costs (travel, food, lodging) supported within the limits of a scale.
  • for courses under other OPCA qu’UNIFORMATION, internships are available on payment of a fee.
  • the practicalities of enrollment courses are specified in the training catalog, download top of this page.


The GEGF monitors various aspects of the day to day operations of its member courses throughout France through its online benchmarking scheme.

Game Changers in France

GEGF Members 2014


French Golf Market Statistics

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GEGF Board of Directors

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The Bureau consists of 5-15 members elected for four years by the General Assembly.

The Board is vested with the broadest powers to administer the union.

The current leaders of GEGF elected for the years 2014 to 2017 inclusive are:

  • Boutrolle Gilles, President,
  • Philippe Thézier, Secretary,
  • Philippe Wibaux, Treasurer.

Board Members: Paul Armitage, Bogenez Pierre, Nicolas Boissonnas, Sébastien Dorne, Christophe Fouquet, Jerome Lauredi Pascal Loizeau, Gaëtan Maetz David Raguet, Pierre-André Uhlen, Philippe Vanbremeersch Eric Wilborts.

Honorary members: Stéphane Coste, Jean-Yves Joly, Emmannuel Veillas Patrick Wallaert.

The permanent secretariat is provided by Jacques GEGF Tillement.

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