The revolution of online booking influences our purchasing decisions on a regular basis across many channels from airline tickets to hotel reservations. The growing ease of access and development in technology has created and extremely competitive market driven by consumer demand & competitive Dynamic pricing.

In recent years this model has taken control of the golf industry at an alarming rate with new third party tee time reselling sites popping up frequently to get their piece of the pie. Whilst the majority of these resellers follow the best practices outlined by both the GCAE and NGCOA’s there are a number that are simply eroding the price, devaluing the golf course’s brand identity, value and taking the control out of the courses hands.

GCAE Best Practice when dealing with third party tee time resllers

GCAE Official Position Statement

In response to widespread concerns expressed by European Golf Course Owners and Representatives of National Golf Course Owners Association representatives regarding the role of 3rd Party Tee Time Resellers, the European Golf Course Owners Association has established the following position:

Official Position Statement 

  • For the purposes of this Position Statement, a 3rd Party Tee Time Reseller is defined as an entity other than the Golf Course itself that is in the business of providing sales and distribution of tee times, memberships and related services to golfers through intermediary websites or other marketing channels not owned by the Golf Course.
  • Golf Courses should promote as much sales as possible directly through their own websites, pro shops or call centres.
  • If working with a 3rd Party Tee Time Reseller, Golf Courses should design marketing plans that position these Resellers as supporting strategies only, intended to drive incremental business and fill soft demand periods.
  • Golf Courses opting to work with 3rd Party Resellers should protect themselves by managing those business relationships according to the Best Practices described below.
  • The GCAE’s primary role with respect to 3rd Party Tee Time Resellers is to provide consultation to its membership.

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