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 With over 40 years’ experience in designing, producing and selling Golf Cars, Yamaha offers a wide variety of Golf Car models, both electric and with gasoline engines, with a variety of options for both flat and hilly courses, all reliable and efficient to run.

For many golf courses Yamaha Golf Cars are an important source of revenue, whilst also offering an opportunity to extend membership and allow players to become and stay active.

Yamaha realizes that reliable products and a dependable service is key in the golf business. Through partnership with the GCAE, Yamaha aims to offer Golf courses a tool to build for a profitable and successful strategy for binding more players to the game. This partnership also allows Yamaha to build a greater insight and response mechanism to what course owners need to grow their business.

Through the offering of a reliable and efficient Golf Car fleet, courses are able to extend the period that members can actually play. This is especially true for elderly or disabled golfers, making the game more accessible for all whilst offering clubs a sustainable and dependable source of income.

Further to the fleet models, Yamaha has utility cars and personal transportation cars in their line-up to ensure that your support staff are as mobile, efficient and responsive as your members are.

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Golf Course Maintenance & Irrigation

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TORO offers GCAE members a 1% rebate on conversion and new bought equipment.

For almost a century, Toro has innovated, adapted and successfully focused on answering the ever-changing needs of its customers. This dedication has helped Toro customers worldwide create beautiful landscapes ranging from neat residential gardens to golf courses that host global championships.

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