Understanding Club Culture – Hungry for CLUB! 2020 by Gregg Patterson (Founder and President “Tribal Magic!”)

Post Virus people will be HUNGRY for CLUB! And clubs that do CLUB right will flourish.

The Virus will provide managers, owners and staff an opportunity to emphasize the WHY of clubdom—that clubs exist to create relationships and community by delivering the goods, services, programs and PEOPLE needed to create relationships and community. Post Virus, people will need people who CARE about them as people—more than ever. And CLUB done right will satisfy The Hunger.

Post Virus, Managers, Boards and Owners will have an opportunity to “shout out” to members, guests and staff that CLUB trumps clubhouse, people trump stuff, emotions trumps things, Eye-to-Eye trumps Screen-to-Screen and The Community of Caring trumps carpeting and woodwork.

Clubs that emphasize the social side of the club experience—that make Social KPIs a priority before, during and after reopening—will flourish.  Post Virus, the creative delivery of this “warm embrace” will matter more than ever.  Clubs that emphasize CLUB will provide a behavioral guarantee for every visit.  “We’ll do things that’ll make you feel GOOD.  We’ll welcome you, appreciate you and embrace you.  We’ll know your name. We’ll know your family. We’ll know what you do.  We’ll know what you love. We’ll help you escape the madness with goods, services, facilities and people that are right for YOU and your needs, wants and expectations. We’ll connect you with people to look at, listen to and talk to.  We’ll help you connect with others who’ve experienced The Madness and want to share their stories and give you their insights.   If you’re down, we’ll bring you UP.  If you’re feeling good, we’ll make you feel better.  We’ll give you reasons to linger longer, to connect more and to feel The Warm Embrace.  We’ll never forget why you’re hungry for CLUB—and we WILL deliver the people and the stuff needed to satisfy the hunger!”

The Virus will be an opportunity for clubs to reaffirm that caring matters—lots.  That relationships matter—lots.  And that lots done right will fill their Social Big Empty.

Clubs that deliver The Warm Embrace, that satisfy the emotional side of the club experience, will attract and retain members, guests and staff.

And clubs that do CLUB right and feed The Hunger—Post Virus—will flourish!

So be positive, be creative and………enjoy the journey!

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