GCAE Award Winner 2020

EDGAGCAE Conference 2020

GCAE Award Winner 2019

BVGA  – Industry Award 20th anniversary

GCAE Conference 2019

GCAE Award Winner 2018

Love.Golf with Alastair

GCAE Conference 2018

GCAE Award Winner 2016

Women’s Golf Day (Elisa Gaudet)

GCAE Award Winner 2015

Elisa Gaudet, Women’s Golf Day & Caroline Carroll of Syngenta & Love.Golf

The EGCOA Award 2015 aimed to reward programs that have made a significant contribution to the future of Golf. It was split this year between Elisa Gaudet, Co-Founder Women’s Golf Day and Syngenta for their Love.Golf program.

GCAE Award Winner 2013

Grow The Game of Golf (www.growthegameofgolf.org)

The Grow the Game of Golf project received the 2013 EGCOA Award for their outstanding achievement in facilitating the development and growth of European golf. The project was launched in 20210 by an influential group of European golf bodies including the EGCOA, European Tour, CMAE, FEGGA, PGA’s of Europe, EIGCA, EGIA and GEO with the aim of encouraging and inspiring golf clubs and other golf organisations to help develop the game, particularly at grass roots level. Through the leading group’s knowledge and expertise hundreds of growth initiatives and development programs have been gathered together and showcased on growthegameofgolf.org. The site is now a leading online knowledge resource for golf course owners and managers.

GCAE Award Winner 2012

Emmanuel Veillas – President NGF Golf

In 2012 Emmanuel Veillas was awarded for his dedication and ongoing contribution to French golf industry. Emmanuel is a true ambassador of French golf and throughout his career has helped guide France to being one of Europe’s leading golf markets and destination. Emmanuel along with Gilles Boutrolle is one of the founding owners of NGF Golf who now have 37 courses under their belt. Over his 30 year career he can be proiuyd to say he has created over 100,000 golfers from his network of courses. Emmanuel is also an active lobbyist for Eco friendly means of maintaining Golf courses and is a member of the FFG board on this subject. Emmanuel created Frances first multiple courese owning company known as ‘Sogel’ with Gille Boutrolle and was the first to develop a public course in France near Paris Highly respected, a humanist – Emmanuel above business accreditations and achievements has driven French Golf to greater heights throughout his golfing career.

GCAE Award Winner 2011

The late Jaime Ortiz Patiño – Valderamma

Jaime Ortiz Patiño, founder and honorary president of Valderamma Golf Club received the award for his outstanding lifetime dedication and contribution to the development and growth of golf across Europe, most notably in Spain. For well over 30 years Jaime Ortiz Patiño was a major advocate for golf and environment awareness and action in world golf. He brought the Ryder Cup for the first time to the continent in 1997 resulting in an unforgettable victory for Europe. Bringing the Ryder Cup to Spain had a huge impact on Spain as a golf destination and also made the Ryder Cup more European than ever before.

GCAE Award Winner 2010

Seve Ballesteros

The EGCOA Award is given annually to organisations or individuals who have made a significant contribution to the golf business. Seve Ballesteros’s golfing career has had a tremendous impact on the golf business as a whole, inspiring many people to take up the game after having seen him play. More than any other player, Seve Ballesteros made golf exciting. For a decade, he was arguably the greatest golfer on the planet.

He won more than 80 tournaments around the world, including five majors. Ballesteros was also the first European – and the youngest – Masters champion in 1980. He retired from professional golf in July 2007, aged 50.


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