The 2023 Golf Business Conference: Grabbing the Big and New Opportunities in Golf
This year’s edition has a strong focus on the recent developments that have put golf in a different situation: a combination of healthy growth of players and rising costs, shortage of staff, sustainability and technological opportunities. It comes all together at the 2023 Golf Business Conference.

The Big opportunity nr. 1: Let’s keep them on board. How to do so with these new generations of younger golfers.
The Big Opportunity nr. 2: We need Technology and services to make their life easy on the golf course, what is available? To safe cost, to increase customer friendliness and to increase revenue!
The Big Opportunity nr. 3: They like to play on sustainable golf courses: we will show how to get there. Energy use, pesticide ban, water use..

Owners, General Managers from all over Europe meet up every year at this event where the most forward-thinking leaders and entrepreneurs in the Golf Business meet. Come and join the network. You will feel very welcomed by like-minded entrepreneurs.

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