GCAF – Finland
Jarmo Turtiainen
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GCAN – Norway
Contact: Lars Havrevold (President)
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GEGF – France
Contact: Jacques Tillement (Director)
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NVG – The Netherlands
Contact: Lodewijk Klootwijk (Director)
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GCAS – Sweden
Contact: Christopher Johansson (President)
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AMGH – The Czech Republic
Contact: Jan Louzecky (President)
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Estonian Golf Association

Estonian Golf Association – Estonia
Contact: Kristo Raudam
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CNIG – Portugal
Contact: Helder
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AECG – Spain
Contact: Javier Insula
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RBGF – Belgium
Contact: Luc Feremans
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BVGA – Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Contact: Thomas Hasak
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FPG– Denmark
Contact: Thomas Vilrich
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