The better way to ride! Yamaha Golf Car and PTV fleets for 2021

Yamaha – August 25 – 2021

Our history has paved the way for today and tomorrow
We put 100% passion and 65 years of innovation and manufacturing excellence into everything we do, so that our customers can fully enjoy whatever leisure activity, professional objective or commercial advantage drives their individual needs. Our aim is simple – to create products that add even more quality to their lives or businesses.Yamaha

We’re proud to announce the most recent models and updates in our line-up of professional Golf car and PTV products – perfectly in line with the celebration of our 65 anniversary.

The Yamaha 2021 Golf car fleet
Nowhere is our engineering expertise more widely valued than across the wide line-up of models in the latest range. They are designed to make the time on the course a real pleasure for the players, while bringing the latest commercial advantages to the course owner or facility operator. Result? Everyone wins on the day! From our premium flagship model, the Drive² AC AGM, right through the impressive 5-model Drive² range, there’s the perfect choice of quiet, economical petrol or electric vehicle to cope with any task on or around a golf course or resort.

The new Drive² AC AGM
This premium Golf car is the ideal business choice due to its combination of features benefiting both the owner and the driver. Its powerful new 3.3 kW electric motor and latest high performance Trojan AGM batteries make light work of long, hilly courses and together with the outstanding interior comfort, it delivers a ride that’s the ultimate in style and luxury. The combination of an ultra-spacious interior, with silky smooth acceleration and quiet, relaxing performance is great for golfers, but it also guarantees supreme efficiency for course owners, thanks to its low maintenance and operational demands. The benefit of zero-emissions is another key to the appeal of this model.

  • Long-lasting AGM battery power for top performance on hilly courses
  • Class-leading 3.3kW AC electric motor
  • End-of-life recyclable Trojan T-875 AGM batteries
  • Virtually silent running with zero emissions
  • Spacious automotive style dash with extra storage
  • Sleek body design and stylish colours – 2 new choices
  • Modular body with best-in-class seating and space
  • YamaTrack system available for this model since February 2021

Four other models to complete the Drive² line-up
Sharing many of the advanced features and class-leading specifications of the premium AGM model, the four other Drive² Golf cars widen the choice of available power sources and options
to ensure that the model selected is perfectly suited to the task in hand and will deliver real pleasure to both the players and the course owners.

Drive² AC and Drive² DC

  • Class-leading 3.3kW AC electric motor (AC model)
  • Quiet and powerful 48V DC electric motor (DC model)
  • Powerful Trojan T-875 batteries for long-lasting power on hilly courses
  • Virtually silent running with zero emissions
  • Spacious automotive style dash with extra storage
  • Sleek body design and stylish colours
  • Modular body with best-in-class seating and space
  • Large, secure golf bag storage and spacious sweater basket
  • YamaTrack system available for Drive² AC model since February 2021

Drive² EFI and QuieTech EFI

  • Clean, quiet and economical 4-stroke EFI engine
  • New Independent front and rear suspension (Drive² QuieTech EFI)
  • Independent suspension – front only (Drive² EFI)
  • Spacious automotive style dash with extra storage
  • Sleek body design and stylish colours
  • Best-in-class comfort, space and legroom
  • Large, secure golf bag storage and spacious sweater basket
  • Largest and most comfortable contoured seat in the industry

UMX AC and EFI utility models – rugged and versatile
Yamaha Utility vehicles offer the versatility, user-friendliness and durability that professional operators need and are designed to handle everything from site maintenance duties and load
hauling, through to gardening and housekeeping chores.

These practical Utility models are also a great choice for golf course use – and their high wheels, spacious cargo beds and robust construction give increased functionality and improved
non-extreme off-road capability, making them an effective and productive addition to any workforce. They’re easy to drive too, with simple, logical controls.

Available in both 400cc petrol and 5.0kW electric versions, the sturdy Yamaha UMX is a strong, stylish and compact utility vehicle, equipped to transport two people and their cargo quickly and
effortlessly around any large site.

Yamaha 2021 Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV)

Our PTV models are dedicated to your passengers’ ultimate comfort and convenience. Leading the line are the newly upgraded electric Drive² PowerTech AC and the petrol-powered Drive²
QuieTech EFI. Sharing many new and innovative features, these machines offer you a choice of whisper-quiet, emission-free AC electric propulsion – or a petrol unit that delivers great economy
and smoothness.

The plush and spacious interior boasts an automotive-style dashboard and convenient USB charging ports, along with plenty of storage for personal items.

YamahaAs well as the most spacious interiors and the best legroom in the business, these impressive machines also feature the industry’s largest and most comfortable seats, which have deep,
supportive contours to keep occupants secure and comfortable.

The luxurious ride comes from our industry-first Independent Rear Suspension system (IRS) – a new feature just introduced on the PowerTech AC model and which it shares with the popular
QuieTech EFI. The advanced Tru-Trak II front strut system on both models completes the suspension story, ensuring ultimate comfort and relaxation on any journey.

The Drive² PTV PowerTech AC – a new level of quiet luxury

  • Class-leading 48V AC electric motor – smooth power
  • Virtually silent running with zero emissions
  • New – luxurious IRS system (Independent Rear Suspension)
  • Sleek styling and striking NEW colour options
  • Spacious automotive style dash with extra storage
  • Modular body with best-in-class seating and space
  • YamaTrack system available for this model since February 2021

Drive² PTV QuieTech EFI

  • Powerful and economical EFI engine
  • Very quiet operation with low emissions
  • Luxurious IRS system (Independent Rear Suspension)
  • Sleek styling and striking new colour options
  • Spacious automotive style dash with extra storage
  • Modular body with best-in-class seating and space
  • LED headlights and flashers

The Cruise 4 AC and Cruise 6 AC – Two more total – capability PTV models

Driven by a powerful electric motor that’s almost silent and with the most luxurious and comfortable seating arrangements ever offered on a PTV (for 4 and 6 passengers respectively) –
a Yamaha Cruise model is the smoothest way to move from A to B. For any commercial concern, being able to rely on trouble-free, emission-free, noise free operation around-the-clock – inside
or out – is what makes a Yamaha Cruise PTV such a sensible, practical choice.

  • Class-leading 48V DC electric motor – smooth power
  • Industry-leading 5kW (6.7hp) power output
  • Virtually silent running with zero emissions
  • Luxurious sculpted seats and generous legroom
  • Soft-riding independent front strut suspension
  • Sleek styling and attractive colour options
  • Head and tail-lights for 24-hour operation
  • Exclusive Yamaha Genius technical diagnostics system

For availability of this model in your country please consult your local dealer.

YamaTrack® – Available on all Drive² AC models from February 2021

Greater efficiency for course management – more enjoyment for players
Designed not only to introduce new levels of efficiency to golf course control and management, but also to offer players a serious enjoyment upgrade, the exclusive new GPS-based YamaTrack® system brings sophisticated geofencing software on board the golf car, with a multi-function, interactive 10” touch-screen display.

Monitoring and control of the fleet in real time is now far simpler and more efficient, with YamaTrack® helping with everything from the scheduling of rounds and speed of play, to maintenance and security.

For players, the intuitive app-controlled system with its interactive screen and attractive 3D terrain graphics, shows them everything from on-course position and tee locations to distance to-pin information … it can even display the clubhouse bar menu for when the final holes are in sight!


Put simply for both club management and players, YamaTrack® is a genuinely exciting and enjoyable addition to the golfing world – and since February 2021, the YamaTrack system is available on all Yamaha Drive² AC models.

You can watch the video below to see the lifestyle experience of YamaTrack®.

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