Comfort on course: The golf car range that delivers

Yamaha Motor partners with golf course owners and managers to provide an exceptional on-course experience. Known for combining engineering excellence with guaranteed reliability, Yamaha has developed a range of golf cars that deliver exceptional levels of comfort, performance and advanced technology to enrich the customer’s experience. In this first of a series of three articles, we’re taking a look at player comfort.

Players want a comfortable, seamless transportation and storage experience so they can keep their full focus on their game. That’s where the Yamaha Drive2 golf car fleet comes in. The Drive2 golf car offers a wide array of industry leading features that enhance comfort, making each moment on the course memorable for all the right reasons. Here’s how these player-centric elements stack up:

Superior seating
Soft, spacious, deeply cushioned with virgin foam and uniquely contoured to provide comfort and support, the seats on the Yamaha Drive2 range are the largest in the industry and are often remarked on by players. Rarely seen but still to be appreciated is the underside of the seat where sealed plastic muffles noise and provides unrivalled durability.

Comfort focused canopies
If there’s one word to describe the canopies on the Yamaha Drive2 range, it’s big. The span of the ClimaGuard™ canopy top is the biggest in the industry, pairing with Dual Rain Drains to keep players and their equipment covered and comfortable in the dry. But the span isn’t the only size that matters. The Drive2 offers up serious headroom too, making a noticeable difference to the player experience entering, occupying, and exiting the vehicle.

Dynamic Drive2 centre dash
The automotive-style dash area has a home for literally anything you might need during your round, from rangefinders to phones. The convenience and utility of this area of the golf car often makes it a player’s favourite feature!

Big bagwells, smart sweater baskets
The Drive2 bagwells are the largest in the industry, making loading bags so simple and easy. There’s also a handy middle divider to keep a single player’s bag upright and secure. The sweater basket is also the most spacious on the market, with an open, non-plastic bottom designed to stop dirt accumulating and leaving unsightly marks on pale sweaters.

Every aspect of the Drivegolf car is designed with the golfer in mind. From the soft, spacious seats, to the large, lofty canopy, from the smart dash to the spacious storage, each element has been sized up and thoroughly thought through to deliver the ultimate in enjoyable player experiences.

Stay tuned for two additional deep dives into the Yamaha Drivegolf car fleet’s superior performance and technology. Can’t wait? Find out more at the website of Yamaha.

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