This months Champion of the Green goes to both Tim Schrader (Sports Coordinator) and Helmut Böhmer (Manager), of University Golfclub Paderborn.  Both were instrumental in leading Paderborn to become the first GEO Certified® club in Germany showing how a new golf course can bring significant opportunity to the local community, nature and as a centre for research, education and innovation.

This early adoption of golf’s ecolabel demonstrates the clubs long- term commitment to integrating as a facility for the community, while ensuring the use of best practice to enhance bio-diversity.

Sports Coordinator, Tim Schrader was largely responsible for establishing an ethos with sustainability at its core.  Helmut Böhmer commented:

“Right from the start, working closely with the designers, we wanted to create a golf course that provided an interesting and enjoyable playing experience within a new and naturalised landscape.  The OnCourse® programme was integral in helping us to achieve this.  Gaining GEO Certified® is a great way to show the international golfing community our commitment to integrating the living environment with social sustainability.”

Together with the international recognition that OnCourse® provides, Paderborn have also enjoyed a number of cost savings and business benefits from the programme.

Their commitment to creating a facility that can operate as a research, education and innovation centre and employ a number of people that would otherwise struggle in the labour market helps to highlight their positive social contribution.  This along with other practices has given Paderborn an excellent reputation within their local community.

More details on Universitäts-Golfclub Paderborn’s pioneering role in sustainable management can be found in their GEO Certified Report.

Or to read the press release regarding their certification, visit:

For further information on Universitäts-Golfclub Paderborn visit:

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