November Champions of the Green

Belas Clube de Campo is our most recent ‘Champion of the Green’. The club was among the first to be GEO Certified® and in the four years since, the team has carried out a number of new strategies to further integrate into with the surrounding community and environment.

Their long-term commitment has resulted in many operational efficiencies, a better overall golf environment, and important leadership toward a stronger image for the golf industry.

Paul Saunders, Director of Golf, (pictured left) was integral in adopting this outlook and approach and explained, “We first discovered the OnCourse® programme in 2011 and it was a great fit for the spirit of the golf club. However, it wasn’t just the environmental benefits but also the obvious economic benefits associated with OnCourse® that appealed to us. Since following some of the ideas in the programme, and embracing new technologies we have been able to reduce our operating costs, whilst also having a positive environmental impact. It’s a simple choice really; in both cases it’s a win-win. We now have golf maintenance machinery that makes use of biodiesel and renewable energy sources. In addition to this, the energy audit we conducted in 2012 gave us an energy efficiency action plan that we anticipate will save us €50,000 over a 10 year period.”

Another key focus within OnCourse® is to improve links with the local community. Belas Clube de Campo has done a great deal in this area already, including creating 5km of walking and cycling trails which they encourage the public to use, and greater support for local business by setting a policy that 55% of their suppliers are located within a 10-kilometre radius of the golf facility. This has built goodwill for the club, as well as some examples of lowered costs.

With a continual commitment to ensure that the club contributes more to the local community, reduces their use of natural resources, and excellent environmental stewardship of their land, Belas Clube de Campo is a great example of sustainable operations…  leading to greater visibility, cost-savings, and a better overall golfing product.

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