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“Our world is changing. Women now have more influence than at any other time in our history, and these shifting demographics are having a profound effect on our culture, our society, and the economy. Their increasing power as an emerging market represents an industry-changing opportunity.”

VISION 2020 Survey

In the VISION 2020 survey we asked golf course owners and managers what market they see the greatest potential in, the response was an overwhelming 73% in favour of the female market.

Growing Womens Golf – Syngenta

Golf in the UK has an opportunity to grow if clubs and courses become more female friendly and offer flexible playing options, according to new research commissioned by Syngenta. The study found more women would be interested in taking up golf if they could learn with female friends and family, and play on shorter courses offering the option of nine or six-hole rounds. Read more

Burhill Golf – Pirate Island Golf

Burhill Golf provides there guests with a real family experience on their facility, Pirate Golf. With this product the entire family can enjoy playing golf. It’s not mini-golf, it’s not even crazy golf – it’s Adventure Golf. Read more

Marriot – Family Golf Festival

The Marriott Family Golf Festival, which encourages parents and children to learn and play the game together, invites families to Marriott Golf Academy℠ for a fun-filled day of free golf instruction, Golfers of all ages and abilities are invited to join their family members and experience the true meaning of “family togetherness on the links,” Read more


Golf 2.0 Connecting with her

Sandy Cross, PGA of America’s Director of Women’s and New Market Initiatives discusses the strategic initiative to substantially grow women’s participation and retention in the game of golf. View

Thimon de Jong – Understanding Millenial Women

An insightful presentation from Thimon de Jong from his presentation: ‘Millennials – understanding tomorrows consumers today’. View

VISION 2020 – On Tour

Throughout 2015 and beyond the EGCOA will be travelling across Europe and beyond to present the findings of VISION 2020 to EGCOA members association and golf industry associations and federations. If you would like to get involved or have VISION 2020 presented at your event please get in touch! We would be happy to share the Future of European golf with you. Contact the EGCOA.

PGA’S of Europe Annual Conference Turkey

Lodewijk Klootwijk – EGCOA director ran a series of 4 workshops with representatives of National PGA’S & PGA pros outlining the 4 key opportunities of VISION 2020 at the 2014 annual PGAS of Europe conference in Turkey.

Dutch – National Golf Conference

VISION 2020 will be presented to over 300 owners and managers at the annual event hosted by the Dutch Golf Course Owners Association.

GolfBic – UKGCOA Conference

VISION 2020 will be shared with delegates at the annual GolfBic event hosted by the UKGCOA at the Forest of Arden.

VISION 2020 – Tweets

Sustainable Sports: Interesting initiative for the future of by !

We Are Golf ‏@wearegolf Nov 11
Interesting video by @EGCOA – “Vision 2020.”

Power Tee@powerteegolf Nov 25Awesome video about the future of golf by @EGCOA http://youtu.be/AKFK4yuffYE http://fb.me/1OcQ9G5I5

Martin Suiter@ms_consultancy Nov 24 Innovative approaches in developing #golf? Find them on the new @EGCOA-website: http://bit.ly/TheFutureOfGolf #Vision2020 http://ow.ly/i/7CAW2

Ostravice Golf @OstraviceGolf Nov 21Thank you @EGCOA for doing this for Golf business.

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