December 2016

 Happy Holidays from the EGCOA

We at the EGCOA would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We hope that each and every one of you have had a successful 2016 and here’s to a year of growth and innovation in 2017!

From all of the EGCOA Team.

Uncovering Generational Attitudes to Club Membership

Now aged 21 to 39, Millennials are poised to shake up the club industry. It turns out that many of the intangibles that Millennials say they want are exactly what clubs already can and do offer. But, like nearly everything Millennials do, they want it to be customized to their specific needs and life stage.

The Club Managers Association of America’s uncovering generational attitudes about Club Membership is an eye opening read into the changing demographics all our clubs are facing.

Make sure to get your copy here.

Segmenting the “Ballers”

Staying on the question of how to attract younger members, a club in the UK has produced some interesting solutions. Whilst the number of younger players at some courses has increased in recent years, getting this transient interest to transfer into long term income has proved elusive.

The EGCOA has spoken to a club in the UK that have recently overhauled their entire concept of membership for the millennials. How they segment, market to and interact with this group has been totally revamped.

Click here to find out why and how they did it, as well as ask the most important question, has it actually worked?

BVGA Conference Announced

Under the motto “Interaction – Inspiration – Innovation” the 8th International BVGA Golf Congress takes place at the Schlosshotel Fleesensee.

How does the golf sector deal with issues such as the problems of digitization? What is happening in sales and what major projects are needed to be undertaken to increase returns? These are just some of the issues addressed this year.

Registration and further information on the 7th International Golffachkongress can be found at

As marketers of golf you don’t actually sell golf, you sell time

A shift is happening before our very eyes, yet many people don’t see it. The need for answers, solutions and products right now and the shift towards “instantization” can been seen everywhere. Today’s consumer is driven by an “I want it now” mentality. By reducing the time it takes to give them what they want, the better chance you have to close a sale.

Because time is now such a precious commodity, the product, service or leisure activity that offers the greatest reward and value for time spent will always win the attention of the customer.

As it grows increasingly difficult to retain the attention of your customers and get them on your website to exchange money for their leisure time, you MUST have all the tools in place to ensure you convert them or capture their contact information.

And here is a simple way to do that…

New Members in the Netherlands

This month we have two more new members from the Netherlands to welcome to the EGCOA. Golfbaan de Kroonprins Vianen is a brand new course close to Utrecht and is managed by the capable hands of Gerda Kool-Straathof.

Golfclub Broekpolder is a Par 72 course only a stone’s throw from the heart of Rotterdam and a member of ‘Oude Negen’, a grouping of some of the most beautiful courses in the Country. We welcome Chairman Guus van der Werff and his team to the association.

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