As marketers of golf you don’t actually sell golf, you sell time: How to double your website enquiries


A shift is happening before our very eyes, yet many people don’t see it. The need for answers, solutions and products right NOW and the shift towards “instantization” can been seen everywhere.

Today’s consumer is driven by an “I want it now” mentality. By reducing the time it takes to give them what they want, the better chance you have to close a sale.

Here’s a quick way to achieve this on your website.

As ‘marketers of golf’ you don’t actually sell golf, you sell time..!

Because time is now such a precious commodity, the product, service or leisure activity that offers the greatest reward and value for time spent will always win the attention of the customer.

As it grows increasingly difficult to retain the attention of your customers and get them on your website to exchange money for their leisure time, you MUST have all the tools in place to ensure you convert them or capture their contact information.

And here is a simple way to do that…

Install a live chat widget or a Facebook messenger chat widget

A large percentage of people just want a reply now rather than waiting for you to reply to an email enquiry. People simply don’t have time even to pick up the phone and

So give them the option to enter into a live chat…

Remember I said ”A shift is happening before our very eyes, yet many people don’t see it.”

Let me ask you a question…

Do you like people to phone you? Or would you rather they send you an email? Or a What’s App / Facebook messenger or even a text message?

The majority of people now choose the latter because TIME is precious and life is so busy.

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ll almost certainly already be using Facebook’s messenger platform. Well why not use it as a tool to engage and convert customers on your website. If your website is a WordPress site you can use this FREE service call Zotabox to set up the messenger chat on your site.

If not, your website developer should easily be able to install it on your site for you.

There are a range of other excellent live chat plugins out there but for being front and centre and where the conversation is, we highly recommend Facebook messenger chat.

What’s more, it can grow your Facebook following, helping you to communicate with your customers more easily in the future.

If you want to see how it works go to the Golf Marketing Lab and check it out.

This article was brought to you by John King, Co-Founder of Golf Marketing Lab. For more free information on how to improve your marketing techniques, visit Golf Marketing Lab or contact John directly via or on +353 (0) 87684-4255

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