The AGC Czech Republic introduces innovative new Ratings System

aghThe Association of Golf Courses of the Czech Republic had a productive 2016. We have been speaking to Jan Loužeckýwe on the Associations biggest project to date, a revolution of the Golf Course Rating system across the entire country.

The AGC has worked closely with a large number or partner organisations, including CzechTourism and the Czech Golf Federation, in order to bring this development to Czech golf. The new ratings system is a clear sign of the improving visibility of Czech Golf on the international scene, a scene that is growing and improving its services.

Jan Loužeckýwe of AGC CZ stated that “We are glad that the Czech courses will have a chance to more clearly present themselves as towards to our golfers in Czech Republic, and of course for visitors from abroad.”

An important requirement for raising of Czech golf on the international scene and to stimulate the development of quality services has been finding accurate metrics that correspond with the international standards of golf whilst, also representing unique national specialities. The rating system is designed to allow prospective players to select the appropriate course based on the facilities offered by the golf area and its service.

Club rating as a part of the Czech system of quality of services was designed in cooperation with the Rationalisation Agency ltd., the exclusive representation REFA for Czech Republic based on a detailed analysis of similar question forms and acceptance requirements arising from national differences.

The final concept is now in place and is open, allowing  it to be supplemented by other aspects, as the Czech Gold industry develops in the coming years. The resulting systems has ambitions to become the Czech Republics standard tool for golf course ratings, one that will contribute to improving the quality of service for local players and foreign visitors alike.

So far the scheme has been been able evaluate 91% of golf courses in the Czech Republic.

“We hope, that this step will enhance the golf environment. We also believe that this fact will also help in the interest and in the visit rate of foreign golfers” said Loužeckýwe, going on to state that “We are at the beginning of our journey and we believe that this project will grow and shape Czech Golf for the coming decade”.

We at the EGCOA look forward to seeing this project develop into the gold standard for Golf Course rating in the Czech Republic in the coming years.

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