Yamaha unveils new line of efficient Golf Cars

EGCOA’s business partner, Yamaha Motor Europe, has just unveiled the Drive 2 and Drive 2 PTV golf car vehicles. Packed full of new technology that produce a more agile, memorable and, most importantly, efficient driving experience.

The new model promises to offer cost saving solutions through lower maintenance and running costs. The inclusion of fully independent automotive rear suspension on the EFI car, the first in the industry, offers your members the most comfortable and reliable ride in the industry.

The electric version with the AC motor provides the most horsepower in the industry, making steep hills a speedy affair. The DC option model is still the well-known and reliable option for those of you with flatter courses.

The new Drive2 with electronic fuel injection system is dramatically quieter than previous models, and affords superior petrol mileage, reducing the cars carbon footprint whilst allowing for easier starts on those frosty mornings.

The Drive2 will appeal to both petrol and electric customer fleet courses looking to lower their total cost of fleet or lease payments significantly due to the longer term and higher residual that petrol cars allow for.

For more information on the full Yamaha golf Car Line-Up go here.

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