June 2016

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EGCOA & Yamaha announce Business Partnership

The EGCOA and Yamaha are very happy to announce to be working together for the future of European Golf.

One of the key issues for the future of golf, both at a National and European level is the growth of regular players. Through their partnership, the EGCOA and Yamaha hope to give national golf course owners associations and their members a tool to build their strategy upon for the coming years to find and bind more players into the game.

For more on this story click here and for more on Yamaha’s range of golf cars click here.

Welcome to new members

In this new section aim to celebrate new members by focussing attention on a few every month. This month we would like to welcome Limpachtal Golf Course Operator Marcel Enkerli and his team. This fantastic 18 hole course in Switzerland boasts the longest fairway in Western Europe at 666m, the only par 6 in Switzerland.

From Norway, which has doubled it’s membership this past year, we would like to welcomeGrønmo Golfklubb (below) and its General Manager Pia Øiulfstad. This course, on the outskirts of Oslo, has been partially built upon an old scrapyard, yet has managed to transform the landscape into everything you would expect of a beautiful Nordic Golf Course.

Whilst we unfortunately cannot welcome every new member personally, we aim to give you a better overview of your organisation and introduce you to a few over the coming months.

Why “Club”? Why “Join”?

The one and only Gregg Patterson, President of Tribal Magic, gives the first of a series of EGCOA exclusive articles and videos on the issues facing the modern golfing industry:What’s the value of this thing called “club”? Why, with lots of pay and play courses and lots of cheap deals “online”, would a well healed golf enthusiast or a no-heeled “wanna be golfer” invest in a club membership?

For the full article and video introduction click here.

#This Girl Didn’t GolfKI edited

Our communications Intern Kamila has written a fascinating piece on what it is like for a young woman from Russia, with little to no prior knowledge of the golf industry, to jump into the deep end of the sport.

In what is the first of a series of articles on what can attract, retain or even put off a 20 year old woman from the sport, Kamila has some great advice on what courses should focus on to further the womans game.

Ensure that you read the full article here

Larvik Golf Arena still has Rockstar Vision

Our Norwegian member Larvic Golf Arena is hosting the Stavernfestivalen for the second time this coming month, with the headline acts including Neil Young, Ellie Goulding and Verinca Maggio.

Speaking of last year’s festival, Scilla Hokholt, Managing Director of Larvik and member of the EGCOA Board stated that “in demanding times the golf industry must be creative and innovative, we must look for new revenue opportunities”.

The festival has contributed significantly to the clubs finances and its careful planning is so unobtrusive that the club is able to host member throughout the festival, even hosting the 35th ESGA Championship & Cup just 3 weeks after its conclusion.

For the full interview with Scilla on last year’s festival click here and for information and tickets for this year’s event click here.

News from the NetherlandsNVG

The NVG have recently launched a Collective Purchase Diesel Program that see’s the association providing significant reductions in diesel costs collective buying of up to 3,000 Euros per course per year.

NVG have also conducted a number of sold our workshops on Leadership, Hospitality and Capacity Management.

For more information please contact Martijn Scholte at ms@nvg-golf.nl .

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