EGCOA and Yamaha Golf Cars announce their partnership!

ThLogoe EGCOA and Yamaha are very happy to announce to be working together for the future of European Golf.

One of the key issues for the future of golf, both at a National and European level is the growth of regular players. Through their partnership, the EGCOA and Yamaha hope to give national golf course owners associations and their members a tool to build their strategy upon for the coming years to find and bind more players into the game.

Offering a golf car fleet will help golf courses to extend the period that members can actually play, especially among the elderly or disabled, making the game more accessible for all. At the same time, running a fleet of golf cars is a sustainable source of income for the golf course. Yamaha realizes the importance of having reliable products and a thorough backup and support necessary, ensuring their product is dependable and cost efficient for even the busiest golf course.

Mr Kazuhiro Kuwata, President of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. stated: “The EGCOA represents the interests of our most important customers, the decision makers of golf courses where our carts are used daily. Through this partnership we aim to gain a greater insight into what these customers need to grow their business. We want to help the EGCOA to grow the game & number of golfers in Europe and are eager to see what the future brings.”

Lodewijk Klootwijk, CEO of the EGCOA added: “Together the EGCOA and Yamaha will work on a sustainable future for golf, where players and golf courses are integral to the success of the game. This partnership will allow our association, with the members that make it up, to work closely with one of the biggest names in Golf Car production and allow for joint initiatives to help improve golfing numbers to take place. We are extremely excited to see what innovations will flow from this partnership.”



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