February 2017

“Hotels on the Golf Course” – The idea is simple but brilliant

In 2011 hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland joined forces for a new marketing campaign. Today 29 hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain are members of the constantly growing group “Hotels on the Golf Course”.

To become a member hotels have to fulfil strict criteria: They must be located within 430 meters of the first tee of the golf course. The course must be rated according to The International Golf Stars Classification with at least four stars and hotels must all fall into the First Class category. Therefore, any travelling golfer can trust that they will experience a “vacation in a new dimension”.

Members have seen a huge benefit with their clubs being put on the map for the golfing tourist. For more information you can order the new brochure by mail or via the web here.

Highly Successful NVG Conference

The Dutch National Golf Conference 2017 took place on the 1st of February and was a huge success, with a sell-out crowd of over 330 participants!

Inspiring speakers, interactive workshops and a walking dinner party where key elements during the ‘Like to Play, Love to Stay’ conference.

This year the NVG introduced, in collaboration with the Dutch Golf Federation & the Professional Golfers Association of Holland, the Golf Happiness Initiative, seeing a form of co-operation that should be a guide to all the EGCOA’s association across Europe.

For more photos and information from the conference click here.

The Fundamentals of Effective Golf Marketing

Former staff member of the EGCOA, John King, caused a major stir at this years NVG conference with his presentation and subsequent marketing workshop receiving top marks from participants.

His new venture, Golf Marketing Lab, is now offering anyone within the industry the same insights, for free!

The course covers Why some golf businesses are successful and others are not, Why you maybe leaving 97% of your potential market on the table, The 5 Fundamentals of Effective Real World Golf Marketing and the 3 simple things that you can do today to increase your sales by 1000’s.

To sign up for the course follow this link.


Train like a pro with Mypro Junior Golf Camps

Mypro Junior Golf Camps provide young golfers with an exciting opportunity to play golf in St Andrews while soaking up all things golf related and even improving their English at the same time.

Mypro Junior Golf Camps aim to make this dream a reality and deliver an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Aside from developing their golf and playing some of the best courses in the world, this unique opportunity also aims to give juniors the chance to learn about different cultures and improve their English amongst a group of multi-lingual friends.

To find out more on this concept bringing together Young Golfers from across Europe, email Patrick Walker or go to mypro.golf



Got Loyalty?

Another inspiring article by the one and only Gregg Patterson on Club Loyalty:
Some managers stay at their club for a long, long time. They’ve “got loyalty.” And others don’t.

Everyone in clubdom’s asking “Why are some members and some staffers loyal and others aren’t? What can I as a professional club manager do to make the “un-loyal” loyal?

What indeed?

To find out what you can do to build the loyalty of your tribe read the whole article here.


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