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Rio 2016: How can your Club benefit from the Games?

With less than three months to go until Rio 2016 it is time for clubs across Europe to set out their own strategic plans on how best take advantage of the games. Much of the golf media has been contemplating the possibility that the few top names taking part will not be able to garner enough attention. However, it is not these names that will be attracting the men, women and junior who have never even set foot on a driving range to your club.

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EGCOA Board Meeting

This month the EGCOA board met for the first time, with the new board members Hans Weckmann (Finland), Robert Fiegl (Austria) and Tinus Vernooij (Holland) at Schloss Lüdersburg. Also present where EGCOA president Alexander Baron von Spoercken (Germany), Scilla Hokholt (Norway) and Lodewijk Klootwijk.

After a long meeting where many items where discussed and new inspiration was brought to the table, the board put on the golf shoes for a good game of golf.

Strategic Planning – a Path to Success for Golf Course Owners

Does your golf club have a strategy? Most owners would probably say so, but is it actually true? In order to answer that we first need to understand what strategy is. Simply defined, strategy is the overall plan to utilise resources to establish a competitive position in the market.
Is strategy important for a golf club? Without doubt solid strategy and implementation are vital for survival and provide a club with the best chances for success. In today’s unstable economy, the main risk for club owners is financial instability.

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Golf Management Graduates are Third Highest Earners in Society

A surprising new study has found that students who study an applied golf management studies degree end up achieving the third highest salaries in society.

A well-publicised report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) found that studying medicine or economics leads to the highest salaries. What wasn’t so well known was that a survey of graduates from the PGA and University of Birmingham’s applied golf management studies (AGMS) honours degree showed they would rank third in the IFS earnings table.

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Kids get a taste of Tour Pro Life at Oceanico World Kids Golf

This year’s Oceânico World Kids Golf Championship (OWKG) in Portugal will give its young participants a taste of ‘tour pro’ life by introducing press conferences and exclusive player lounges for its 2016 edition. This takes the event’s unique ‘tour experience’ to the next level,offering its youthful participants the chance to enjoy the same kind of elite experience usually reserved for professional golfers on the world’s major tours.

For more information on this great way to encourage youth participation, click here.

New Communications & Event Management Intern

We are pleased to welcome Kamila Ishalina as a part of the team! Kamila is a third year student in the University of Amsterdam, specialising in Business Administration and is originally from Ufa, Russia.

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