April 2017

Dutch Open Golf Day’s prove Huge Success

On the weekend of the 8th of April, over 120 Golf Courses opened up their facilities to the General Public across the Netherlands.

The weekend proved a huge success with more than 8,000 visitors attending across the country. The event encouraged friends and family, as well as people with no connection to golf, to come and experience everything the great sport has to offer.

The Open Golf Day has been growing every year since it started and has proven highly successful at attracting and retaining new players.

The video here gives a great idea of the feeling created by the day.

If you are interested in creating a similar event in your own country, visit opengolfdag.nlor contact Jeanine Schut for more information.

International Golffachkongress 2017 –  A Firework of Innovations!

The BVGA (Golf Course Owners Association for Germany, Austria and Switzerland) 8th Annual Golf Congress took place at Schloss Fleesensee earlier this month. The 4 day event attracted more than 150 participants from across Europe and was dedicated to high-profile lectures, discussion forums and workshops.

Congress Manager Marcel Kabirske stated that “the high competence of the participants this year helped create a very special atmosphere, allowing the people present to work together to create innovative responses to the tough questions facing the industry”.

Areas discussed included:How can we positively influence the operating performance of our golf courses? What innovations can we establish as a new profit centre on our golf courses? How can golfing facilities be sought and found as an attractive employer of motivated workers?

For photos of the event, please go to the gallery here.

In City Golf turns Vienna into a Golfers Paradise

What a start in the golf season in Austria! An 18-hole golf tournament at some of the most famous sights of the “most liveable city of the world” has been held in Vienna.

72 golfers stormed the Viennese inner city on Good Friday and Saturday with clubs and soft balls, showing the thousands in attendance that golf can be played differently!

The event was organised by the Austrian Golf Association (ÖGV) and offered a challenging 18 hole course, with players being pulled from 14 Austrian Golf Clubs.

“We hope to reach many people who have not yet been involved in sports. In City Golf is a chance to show people how exciting and interesting golf really is! “said ÖGV President Peter Enzinger.

For more information on the event click here.

Gregg Patterson – Cage the Demon


After 33 years as a one-club G.M., I’ve just transitioned from “everyday operations” to “no-ops.”  From 100 club related e-mails per day to none.   From “fully employed by someone else” to “fully employed by myself.”   From General Manager to Member.

My Transition Journey was fairly unique – 33 years as a one-club GM, a “love fest” for decades. Ours was a partnership, and when I left, bridges were built – and none were burned. Although few managers have driven the road I’ve travelled, lots of managers have moved to new positions having had a GREAT relationship at the club they’re leaving and having HELPED their club manage the transition from “long term beloved manager” to The Newbie.  How we “The Happy Transitioners” helped is a lesson worth learning.

Gregg Patterson gives his unique insight into how clubs deal with managerial transition and how to avoid the pitfalls that inevitably come with Executive Change.

Read the full article here.

Yamaha Golf Car expand the sales network to Scandinavia

Yamaha Motor Europe is expanding their dealer network to Scandinavia. They announce the appointment of Hako Ground & Garden AB for Sweden & Norway dealership.

“We are happy that we can expand our network with Hako who is greatly respected for their quality and service in the countries.” says Arne Johansson, Sales Manager of Yamaha Motor Scandinavia.

“Yamaha is known for making the best quality and most reliable golf car, and combined with a network of specialist dealer that deliver the highest level of service, Yamaha maximises the run time of the golf cars and thus the rental fee income for the golf course”.

For the information of Hako Ground & Garden AB, please click here for Sweden and here for Norway. For further information on the full Yamaha Golf Car line-up, click here.

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