www.growthegameofgolf.org has started an online poll to find out what was the best initiative of 2012.  With the best three initiatives already pre-selected by the funding European bodies, people can vote for their favorite initiative. The winner of this election will have the privilege to be on the website as the best initiative of the year.

Grow the game of golf project was launched in 2010 by an influential group of European golf bodies with the aim of being able to encourage and inspire golf clubs and other golf organisations to help develop the game, particularly at grass roots level.


The first initiative to be on the podium is the National Open Days. France, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands have implemented this idea in their countries with great success. As its name says, the National Open Golf Day is a day or week where public and private golf clubs open their doors to anyone who has an interest in golf. During the day the clubs organize different activities to introduce the new comers to the game of golf.

The second initiative is The Family Golf Month, this created by Play Golf America. During a month of the year golf courses offer a series of programs to learn golf as a Family. This initiative has shown great results for golf clubs, the number of golfers within this wide target group has increased significantly.

The third and last initiative nominated by the European bodies is The Clubgolf program launched in 2003 to fulfill the Scottish Government’s promise to provide every child in Scotland with an opportunity to experience golf. Since its launch, Clubgolf has progressed significantly and now enjoys great success.  Around 140.000 children have been introduced to golf in Scotland.

To vote simply visit the website www.growthegameofgolf.org and choose your favorite initiative.

You can also vote through our social media accounts. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


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