VISION 2020 workshop on Tour in Scananavia

As a fundamental step in aligning the voice of European Golf Course Owners and Operators across Europe the EGCOA has gone on tour with Sander Allegro – leading change management consultant to deliver interactive one day workshops with National Owners Associations Across Europe.

The first stop on the tour has been to Scandinavia where workshops were hosted with the Finnish, Norwegian & Swedish Golf Course Owners Associations. During the interactive sessions, Sanders unique out of the box approach to business strategy allowed the group to identify and compare their business strategy to related industry sectors.

In the sessions the groups were asked to identify out of a list of 18 trends the top 5 that they felt will have the greatest impact on the golf industry in the coming 5 years. Below are the results of these rankings.

The next stop on the tour will be to the Danish Golf Course Owners Association followed by the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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