Second Keynote Speakers for the EGCOA Golf Business Conference Europe announced

We are proud to today announced the Second grouping of speakers for this year’s conference between Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4th of November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The 2016 conference theme, ‘the BIG Opportunity” aims to develop new ways to take advantage of the big social, economic and marketing opportunities the sport is currently facing.

Andrew Davies is Director of WellPlayed and the CEO of a private family group which owns Eagle Ridge Golf Course in Victoria, Australia. He will provide valuable insights on valuing strategies and adopting the Big Opportunity of dynamic pricing in the European market.

Jonas Meyer is Head of Development at Players First and the Danish Golf Federation. He is speaking to explain how and why you should systematically measure the satisfaction of your customers. Golf courses in 5 countries across Europe are already using his method of data driven analysis, improving not only customer happiness but building Opportunities to expand their profit margins exponentially.

CEO Lodewijk Klootwijk said on the announcement: “Both Andrew and Jonas are not only excellent speakers, but trailblazers in pushing the Big Opportunities available to the industry in the 21st Century”. He went on to state that “Jonas’s methodological approach to measuring customer satisfaction has allowed our members in the Netherlands to revolutionise their relationship with their customers, whilst Andrew’s successful implementation of Dynamic Pricing strategy is something that, at the moment, we simply do not have in Europe”.

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