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Drie-Eycken-1Luc Feremans owner of Drie Eycken Golf Course, Rantz Golf Course, manager of Cleydael Golf Club and a major factor behind the start of the BGCOA tells us how his business has improved since installing Power Tee®.

In Belgium for many years now the private members courses give range balls away for free, in many cases too many balls are included in the membership for free. This is not something we want to do. We provide our golfers with a great facility to either practice, play or relax and socialise.

We have just built a new Par 3 course to add our natural progressive site, golfers can learn on the range, progress to the Par 3 then onto the main course. We have lots of groups coming down now and our professionals are really busy coaching throughout the day.

The social scene is vibrant too with our clubhouse being used by members and non- members alike, our party nights are really popular with the younger members of our community, they hit balls on the range then party in the clubhouse. We have a really good blend to our business.

We have provided our golfers with a fantastic facility to practice in, with great balls, good outfield and the best possible mats golfers can hit from in Power Tee®. We have catered for all golfers of all abilities by installing Power Tee®, as the multiple tee heights benefit the better golfer who is after a more concise practice with the various surfaces replicating semi rough and fairway use, the stand mat is so good to hit from with the cushioned mat underneath absorbing impact and allowing golfers to practice for longer and the fact that the beginner or enthusiastic club golfer benefits from not having their practice session constantly broken by changing tees and loading balls and having new positions every time.

The serious fact about Power Tee® is that the range is now 35% up and I envisage it being 50% by next year. The golfers love using Power Tee®, even I have practiced, which anyone knowing me well, knows that I did not enjoy hitting golf balls, I do now though! The Power Tees are fun for the customers to use, they are great for learning on, practicing on or just for hitting from.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about their fantastic service and support, not only did we receive informed product training but the commercial training was insightful and has given us many ideas of how we generate more money from our range and facility as a whole.

We have a great relationship with the team at Power Tee® and we are proud to be the innovator in our country as what Matt told me about being an early adopter of Power Tee in a country is true, we are making more money than ever before and let’s be honest that is why most of us install Power Tee®, sure it is great that the customer thinks it is in to benefit their practice because it does, but we have installed Power Tee® to drive our business forward and have the range contribute to the growth of our business.

If you have a practice facility on site and you wish to hear about how you can make it more profitable talk to Power Tee, their advice and experience, sets them apart from normal mat suppliers, they work with you before, during and after the installation, their credibility is quality are exemplary.

To find out how Power Tee ® will enhance your facility contact enquiries@powertee.co.uk

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