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Vision 2020 Expansion – Forever: Golf that Lasts

We are delighted to have launched a new key opportunity with is Vision 2020 project – Forever.

Forever, the 6th F of Vision 2020, looks at sustainability – exploring what sustainable golf actually is, why its important to clubs as businesses and how they can gain the advantages which sustainable operations can bring.

It gives not only research and examples of ways you can ensure the future sustainability of your course, but offers reliable and realistic options for also sustaining your bank balance.

Make sure to go to to find out how.

Muzzling Mad Dogs – Gregg Patterson 

There are Mad Dogs in every clubhouse, members who run about, foaming at the mouth, yapping constantly, nipping at the heels of board members, committee members, management and staff.  They can infect the body politic and trust – that most fragile of commodities and the very foundation of club governance – can be compromised or destroyed by The Rabid Ones.

Gregg Patterson gives his distinguished view on the ins and outs of dealing with those problem customers

Find this great article here.

Managing your Facebook Page – Marketing for Free

We have recently been talking to several golf operators that don’t have a Facebook Page, let alone Facebook Page Manager on their phones.

Facebook has quick become the easiest and most cost efficient way of marketing within the golf business. You need to include Facebook Live in your marketing since it’s currently completely free and a great way to get an organic reach! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Find out exactly how with this excellent article from Allison George here.

Here’s Why We Should Be Bullish About Golf in 2017

Golf has a big problem.

It’s the pervasive – and lazy — narrative that the sport is dying. It’s not just misguided, it’s wrong.

But it’s a story often regurgitated because golf is an easy target, with detractors saying it’s too slow, too expensive and too exclusionary. The naysayers insist the sport must be in its death throes because participation is down, more golf courses are closing than opening.

Find out why, despite all this, we should be Bullish about golf here.

GEO bring Golfs Sustainability to Global Audience

Somewhat of a trend this month has been the positive good that Golf can and is doing for the environment and communities, this is also being recognised outside the golf industry.

Earlier this month WWF released a report on The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a globally ratified set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This report highlighted the credibility and value of golfs third party standard and certification system, which is managed by EGCOA partner, the Golf Environment Organization.

SEO Jonathan Smith stated that “GEO have worked hard to help ensure golf’s sustainability story is credible, impactful and transparent. This report highlights the importance of this work, and gives deserved recognition, on the global sustainable development stage, to the work of the many people and organisations that contributed to golf’s credible standard and certification system, and all the facilities, developments and tournaments that are have achieved and are working toward these standards.”

For more info on how your golf club can work with GEO and build a sustainable future, go to


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