Leopardstown Golf Centre has over 2,500 lady members, how do they do it…?


Featured Female and Family Friendly Facility
Leopardstown Golf Centre has over 2,500 lady members,
how do they do it…?

In this featured Female and Family Friendly Facility John King of the EGCOA speaks to Joe O’Connor, General Manger of the famous Leopardstown Golf Centre in South County Dublin – Ireland, ‘home’ to the largest community of lady golfers in Ireland with over 2,500 lady members and counting.

”2,500 lady members is an impressive number. What do you feel the key factor is in attracting this number of lady members to Leopardstown golf club is?”

Joe O’Connor, General Manager Leopardstown Golf Centre:

”At Leopardstown the focus is on having fun amongst friends in a vibrant golfing environment.

The centre hosts twenty-five established ladies golf societies and the ILGU-affiliated Leopardstown Ladies Golf Club, which combine to create playing opportunities and a lively social scene for a substantial number of participants every week.

New members are warmly welcomed each year and get into the swing of things immediately. There are excellent organisational structures in place with each society having its own committee and social secretary.

Each of the twenty-five Monday-Saturday societies avails of a fixed tee-time segment on a specific day each week on the beautifully maintained 18-hole course, which means that members can plan their golf in advance.

The various groups also arrange outings and luxury golf and leisure breaks at intervals, along with social events at the Leopardstown Golf Centre and other venues. There is a strong emphasis on social interaction between members. Being involved with a Leopardstown ladies society is a great way to widen your circle of friends.”

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