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Lost holes of France’s La Mer at Le Touquet Golf Resort restored to 1930s glory

France’s La Mer at Le Touquet Golf Resort has undergone a major restoration project as part of long-term plans to restore the course and resort to their 1930s glory.

The Harry Colt classic, regarded as one of the finest links on the Continent, opened in 1931 when Le Touquet was the most fashionable resort in Europe. But fortification and bombardment during World War II resulted in significant damage to the terrain and the abandonment of four of Colt’s original holes.

While efforts were made to restore these holes in the 1990s, the discovery of aerial photography from the 1930s helped golf architects and leading restorers of classic courses in Europe, Patrice Boissonnas and Frank Pont, bring the entire course back to what now closely resembles Colt’s original design.

Read more here.

4 Bottlenecks to Selling More Memberships and How to Remove Them

In the next couple of months I’m moving to a new area on a more permanent basis and now that I’ll be in one place for a significant period of time, I’m on the hunt for a golf club to join.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked with a number of golf facilities, helping them grow their membership numbers and a major focus of a lot of these clubs was in attracting my age group, the thirty-something year old.

This time I’ve decided to document my own journey to golf membership and In this video, I’ll show you my journey to date from the online search of 4 golf clubs to the initial contact I’ve had with them.

John King gives you a masterclass on bringing down peoples barriers to membership here.


Gregg Patterson – Married to Clubdom

Manager Sue—the recently retired 37 year GM at the High and Mighty Country Club—is having her “I Just Retired and Couldn’t Be Happier” dinner with long time squeeze Hubbie Hugh and their best friends Frank and Liz at their neighbourhood restaurant “Faux French”.  Lots of wine, lots of snails and lots of uncorked conversation.

Manager Sue takes a Big Gulp from her 20 ounce glass of Mojave Red, draws deeply from her bourbon infused electronic cigarette and coos…

Gregg Patterson brings his inexhaustible experience to a tongue in cheek look at MCM (Marrying a Club Manager) here.



Spring into Environmental Action

Golf courses can provide essential sanctuaries for bumblebees and other beneficial insect species. Environmental enhancement of relatively undisturbed out of play areas can provide the perfect location for immensely valuable ecological habitats.

With the right management, designated areas can provide ideal habitat for a vast array of vital pollinating insects.

Syngenta Operation Pollinator gives you the tools and skills to successfully and cost effectively establish and manage attractive wildflower resources, whilst enhancing the visual appearance of the course and the overall playing experience.

Take steps to enhance the ecological value of your course this spring – starting with signing up to Operation Pollinator.

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