Golf, is it driving us mental……?

How many times have you heard: “Golf is 90% mental’’?rolenand

At the 2015, 10th Anniversary European Golf Business Conference in Amsterdam from the 25-27th November, Dr. Roeland Dietvorst is going to show you why this statement is true both on and off the golf course.

Dr. Roeland Dietvorst studied biological and cognitive psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam and obtained a PhD in cognitive neuroscience at Erasmus School of Economics. He is also the co-founder of Neuro Labs, a research and consultancy firm in the field of Neuromarketing, that uses insights and techniques, adopted from neuroscience to solve marketing & communication challenges.

During Roeland’s interactive presentation at this year’s conference he will take you on a journey through the brain. You will gain new insights into the game of golf, but most importantly you will understand how your customers think, why they buy, what they value, and how to most effectively communicate with them.

Roeland will reveal the neural mechanisms underlying value perception and decision-making & provide many eye-openers into the driving forces behind your customer’s behavior.

About the European Golf Business Conference

The European Golf Business Conference now celebrating its 10th year anniversary in the EGCOA’S hometown of Amsterdam. The conference has fast become a major event for golfing industry players of all levels. The 2015 theme ‘From VISION to Action’ is shaped by the success of the ECGCOA’S VISION 2020 project, which has highlighted the need for change in the golf industry. This year in Amsterdam, the focus will be on taking action. The event will welcome some of Europe’s most forward thinking golf course owners, managers & knowledge leaders to the stage to share their game changing strategies.

Last chance to avail of the first release tickets:

Demand for tickets for the 10th year Anniversary is greater than ever. The EGCOA have released a limited number of first release-discounted tickets, which will remain, on sale until the 10th of October.

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