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Chefs Garden – Golf Club Gardening


With the growing trend of organic locally grown produce finding it’s way onto menu’s across Europe, a prime opportunity presents itself to integrate this trend into your food and beverage strategy in 2014. A golf course is a prime location to grow your own Fruit and Vegetables.

This is not only economically & environmentally sustainable, but presents a prime marketing opportunity for your club and F&B operations to stand out from the crowd.

Jonathan Smith CEO of the Golf Environment Organisation commented:

“Where food comes from and how it is produced is of huge importance to consumers.  Being able to tell your members and visitors that what your clubs offers is freshly picked, grown on site or locally sourced, and varies across seasons, can enrich their experience.”

Urban Gardening is another trend has emerged in an effort to utilise unused space in high density urban areas in and around cities by planting fruit and vegetable patches. Golf courses could help the drive for urban food production by creating allotments on their margins. These small allotments could be leased to members or the local community as a additional, sustainable revenue stream.

”It’s another great way to engage people in the positive ethos of the club, to create a new sense of connection and conversation, as well as clearly reinforcing your interest in their health and well being – which is a perfect match with the golfing lifestyle.” Jonathan Smith CEO GEO 

Food for thought…………..

Keep an eye out for next month’s article on Food & Beverage trends in 2014 for golf clubs.

Article by John King – Project Manager, EGCOA

The EGCOA will be featuring a handful of courses who have taken on this initiative in our next newsletter. Are you one of these courses? If yes, we want to hear from you!

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