SPAIN – EU Digital COVID Certificate

From 1st July the EU Digital COVID Certificate will become operative. The Certificate is digital proof that a person has either: been vaccinated against Covid-19; received a negative test result; or recovered from Covid-19. This document will facilitate movement between EU member states, providing evidence of a person’s status with regard to the above mentioned criteria. This certificate will be free, will be valid for use throughout the EU and will be issued in digital or paper format in the national language of each member state as well as in English. The document will have a QR code to verify information at the destination and to ensure the certificate is authentic.

Some regions of Spain like the Canary Islands, Region of Murcia, Andalusia or the Balearic Islands offer access to free insurance with Covid-19 coverage for international travellers and tourists.

Golf is becoming fashionable again. It can be played individually or in small groups, outdoors, enjoying spectacular landscapes. It is a sport considered ‘safe’ even for health experts, something that has helped its growth not slow down even in a year as bad for the sport as the past. The number of federated golfers grew throughout 2020 in Spain, for the second consecutive year, to stand at 271,788 federated, 270,219 of them amateurs and 1,569 professionals, according to the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG).

The recovery of tourism will occur exponentially after overcoming the pandemic We are seeing the end of the tunnel. Our forecasts are that, if the vaccination rhythm is met globally, the beginning of normalization will take place in the second half of this year and there will be significant growth in 2022.

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