March 2016

FootGolf: A Passing trend or business opportunity?

Whilst FootGolf is seen somewhat as a passing craze in mainland Europe, in the UK it is one of the quickest growing sports around. With the growth in what many often still view as a hobby is coming a leap in turnover for those helping facilitate it. The development of the sport has been so quick that in the UK 15% of courses will have duel use facilities by 2017 and a trend of failing clubs being bought up for total conversion is building.

To understand the impact and possibilities offered by FootGolf, EGCOA spoke to our contemporaries within the industry.

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Donald Trump: The elephant in the room for the inclusive new R&A

A recent article from the BBC caught our attention this month, it states that: “Whether or not Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States, he provides an ongoing problem for golf. For the second time in a month Martin Slumbers, the chief executive of the R&A, has been forced to deflect questions generated by the Republican front runner’s election campaigning.

Trump’s outspoken plans to ban Muslims from entering the US and building a wall on the Mexican border are at odds with golf’s ethos of becoming a more inclusive sport.”

We would be interested to hear your thoughts on social inclusion within Golf and what effect a Trump Presidency could have on the sport.

Should you or your Club have any ideas you would like to share please drop us an email.

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Golf Participation statistics for 2000-2015

Based on figures released by the EGA, our statistics centre for the period between 2000 and 2015. This resource now includes the trends in Female and Junior golf for the first time, allowing you to see how your country compares to others around Europe.

We hope to build on these statistics in the coming months and share with you the strategies used by those nations and clubs beating the trend of declining participation.

We would like to thank the EGA for supplying of the data behind the statistics.

For the full statistics for your country and for the whole of Europe please click here.


Women to the fore as historic club shrugs off tradition

One of England’s oldest golf clubs has shrugged off 123 years of tradition with women appointed to all its key positions. Royal Norwich Golf Club in Norfolk England, welcomes new club captain Angela Loveday and club president Cherry Bishop, supported by junior captain Jasmine Campbell and ladies’ captain Janet Clare.

As our own statistics show, the advance of women’s golf has somewhat stalled in recent years. The EGCOA supports the advancement of women’s golf and encourages members to follow this example in ensuring further equality within our great sport.

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