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CLUBHAUS AG is one of the leading German golfcourse owners / operators, focussing its operations on premium golf courses with its facilities at the resort Schloss Lüdersburg (near Hamburg) and the traditional club Schloss Nippenburg (near Stuttgart), on golf-related products and services with its Deutsche Golf Marketing GmbH (DGM), and on the award-winning Golf City-concept of modern 9-hole facilities in metropolitan areas.

With the extensive expertise of its team covering all areas from development and operations of golf courses to product design and marketing, CLUBHAUS has long been an innovator in the German golf industry. With its professional approach, CLUBHAUS AG is the first port of call for all those considering an entry into the German golf sector. One of CLUBHAUS’S latest venture ”Golf City” outlined below has made golf accessible and affordable for all in convenient location near major cities in Germany.

Golf City – Half the Time, All the Enjoyment – The Golf City Philosophy

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The innovative concept Golf City is the answer to the needs of many current and potential golfers. The offer of the CLUB HOUSE AG stands for quick and uncomplicated golf enjoyment in the immediate vicinity of cities in Germany – without expensive memberships, complicated access restrictions, but with maximum comfort. 
The concept corresponds exactly to the needs of many potential golfers and affects the development of golf in Germany positive and sustainable way. Scientific studies have shown that three factors are crucial for a decision against the sport of golf: too high a cost to high cost to strict regulations and etiquette. Exactly at these screws, the concept falls Golf City and eliminates the barriers to entry.

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