August 2017


European Golf Statistics 2017

This month we have finalised our European Golf Statistics for 2017, the key report for all European Golf Course Owners.

With over 4.15 million registered golfers across Europe and almost 7,000 standard length golf courses for them to play on, we have deemed the European market as Stabilised.

Find out who are the winners and losers across Europe by clicking here to download the whole report and here for a break down by nation.


“Hotels on the golf course” – an international exclusive marketing cooperation

The idea is simple but brilliant – overnight lodging on green playgrounds. In 2011 hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all located on golf courses, joined forces for a new marketing cooperation. To date 29 hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain are members of the constantly growing group “Hotels on the golf course”.

To become a member of this select group, hotels have to fulfill strict criteria: The hotels must not be located more than a par-4-hole (max. 470 yards or 430 meters) from the first tee of the golf course. The course must be rated according to The International Golf Stars Classification with at least four stars and hotels must all fall into the category “First Class”. Therefore any travelling golfer can trust that they will experience a “vacation in a new dimension”.

Click here to find out more.

European Golf Business Conference 2018 set to be a Grand Affair

We are delighted to announce that the upcoming EGCOA Conference will be held at the grand Haus der Industrie in the heart of historic Vienna.

Held between the 22nd and 24th March 2018, the conference will be organised in partnership with the Austrian Golf Association. This conference promises not only to cover the leading European trends, but to bring some of the largest names globally together under one sublime roof to discuss golfs biggest issues and opportunities.

Keep an eye on this space to be first to know all the exciting details.


EGCOA Moves Closer to the Course

The EGCOA and the NVG at long last moved out of the city and into the homeland, moving offices to a golf course just outside of Amsterdam. Please make sure to note down our new address:

Zuiderweg 68a, 1456 NH Wijdewormer, The Netherlands


Golf’s obsession with 18 holes must stop

The way we think about golf course design has to evolve. The future is golf courses whose number of holes is dictated not by history or tradition but by the terrain and the resources open to them. If the game is to flourish, courses must reflect and accommodate people’s busy schedules, instead of being predetermined at 18, nine or increments of three and six. Our whole mindset needs to change.

Guest writer Edwin Roald gives his views on what must change in our industry.Find the whole article here.

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