France offers great golfing opportunities all year long and it is consider to be one of the greatest countries in Europe to play golf due to its extensive variety of courses, prices, landscapes and favourable weather conditions. Golf in France has grown significantly over the last decade in both demand and supply. Golf supply is roughly distributed by 70% of commercial courses and 30% of member owned courses. Over 100 courses in France are owned by multicourse entities (chains) and over 200 courses are affiliated to commercial networks. France has over 400.000 golf players roughly 70% are male and 30% female, among them approximately 11% are junior players. Although 2013 dipped slightly in number of registered players – France has enjoyed continued growth for over 20 years and quite confident that it will continue. With the Ryder Cup to look forward to in 2018 and all of the global interest and focus around that to come – there is also hope that the French Golf industry will finally be able to benefit from the 60 odd million tourists travelling through each year and become a recognized destination for Golf tourism as France boasts  many golfing jewels not known to the travelling public.

‘France is probably the best market in the world today to look to for growing the game of Golf. Having gone through acute over supply of courses in the 80 and 90’s France stuck it’s teeth into innovation on academies, the role of the pro/golf coach, marketing mixed approach to business models for Golf courses. The game has grown in popularity and the industry has boomed as a whole.’

Paul Armitage, Director / Le Club, EGCOA Board 

French Golf Course Owners Association – le Groupement des Entrepreneurs de Golf Français (GEGF)

Established in December 1989, the Groupement des Entrepreneurs Course French (GEGF) is the professional association of owners / managers golfing facilities in France. The GEGF comprises:

  • Active members, owners or managers of golfing facilities,
  • Partner members, service providers in the field of golf,
  • Honorary members recognized for their competence or contribution to the world of golf.

The GEGF is the representative body of  business courses  in all dealings with the Administration and the College of employees. It aims to:

  • Representing the profession in all meetings and committees for the National Collective Convention of Golf (NMCC)
  • Organize constructive relations with all professional golf associations (FFGolf, GFGA, AGREF, PGA, etc …)
  • Represent its members in organizations golf,
  • Engage and support any proceeding or action of defending the public interest.

French Golf  Industry Snapshot

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