The Netherlands makes golf more accessible

The Dutch Golf Sports Funds is investing in an initiative to make golf more accessible to athletes with disabilities. This initiative will receive countrywide support through the creation of ‘ Sportfonds op Naam’, with the aim of providing (financial) support to golf clubs for the disabled. The fund received a boost to its funding during the KLM Open where it received a check for 27,000 Euros, money matched by the organisation Charity Challenge.

Fund Handicapped Sports aims to make sports accessible to all. In the Netherlands there are about 1.7 million people with disabilities for whom sports are not always accessible. The Sports Fund on Name is an initiative of the Disability Sports Fund to enable financial sports stimulation from individuals, foundations and/ or companies for specific sports, sports teams or disabled sports in general.

In order to make golf sports more accessible for disabled people and to increase their participation in golf, Disabled Handicapped Sports, NGF (Royal Dutch Golf Federation), PGA Holland (Professional Golfers Association Holland) and NVG (Dutch Association of Golf Accommodation) are working together.
It is hoped the fund will allow golf clubs to create specific offerings for and provide optimum guidance to disabled, athletes whilst promoting golf to people with disabilities.

The fund is backed by an Ambassador, Monique Kalkman who became Paralympic and World champions in two different sports, table tennis and wheelchair tennis. In 2009, Monique picked up golf as part of her rehabilitation, after which she became “Golfer of the Year 2014”. She has the ambition to become the world’s top athletes in 3 sports! Because of her cross injury, Monique uses a ParaGolfer to practice her sport.


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