September 2017


The Netherlands makes golf more accessible for all

The Dutch Golf Sports Funds is investing in an initiative to make golf more accessible to athletes with disabilities. This initiative will receive countrywide support through the creation of  ‘ Sportfonds op Naam’, with the aim of providing (financial) support to golf clubs for the disabled. The fund received a boost to its funding during the KLM Open where it received a check for 27,000 Euros, money matched by the organisation Charity Challenge.

Sportfonds op Naam aims to make sports accessible to all. In the Netherlands there are about 1.7 million people with disabilities for whom sports are not always accessible. The Sports Fund on Name is an initiative of the Disability Sports Fund to enable financial sports stimulation from individuals, foundations and / or companies for specific sports, sports teams or disabled sports in general.

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BVGA giving workshops to over 200 participants on new EU Data Protection Ordinance

The BVGA is starting its own Road Show next week, visiting 10 locations across Germany, Austria and Switzerland with over 200 participants expected to attend.

The events are being set up in response to Europe wide changes to how organisations manage their patron’s data. “Representatives of the board of directors and managing directors of golf courses are in future responsible for liability for data protection and need legal certainty,” says BVGA Managing Director Thomas Hask.

“We would like to prepare our members in time for the new EU Data Protection Regulation and have invited experts and expert juries on this topic within the framework of ten regional golf courses.”

A full list of the events and registration can be found at

In the coming months the EGCOA will be working with other National Associations to set out guide lines for how to approach these new regulations.


EGCOA talks to Goodwood to see how data-driven changes can lead to success

Golf at Goodwood has a long history. The first course on the Estate was laid down in 1892 by Lady Helen Taylor, and the strong connection between Women and the course continues till this day. The 36-hole facility that you find today has seen huge success since coming back under the Estate’s control in 2003. Golf at Goodwood holds a key spot in the 12,000 acre family owned estate, most famous for its motorsport and horses.

We find out how Syngenta’s Growing Golf in the UK Report in 2013 led to a revolution at Goodwood here.


“Social Net Worth” and Its KPIs

Winning clubs, Great Clubs, focus on their Social KPIs first because they’ve learned from The School of Hard Knocks that their Bottom Line is fuelled by The People’s Experience. Our Social Net Worth is front-and-centre whenever a member, guest or employee visits the club.

Their social experience is quantifiable and the numbers matter. Here Gregg Patterson gives a few of the KPIs, The Measurable Metrics, people will use to evaluate your club.

Find out the KPIs here



European Golf Job Board

We would just like to remind our members and all others in the industry that we have a Europe wide jobs board. The unique monthly visits for this part of the website are in the thousands and is an excellent place to post your jobs for free!

Should you want to attract the best candidate Europe has to offer in any area of the golf industry, visit


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